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The Butterfly Clinic

The Butterfly Clinic's vision is to provide a beautiful and comfortable place for women to attend to their health needs bringing together a group of highly skilled local general practitioners around the area who are passionate about women's health.



We understand that because general practice covers such a wide variety, we all cannot offer every procedure or service to the patients. Therefore, if you have a patient that require any of the following we would be happy to assist and refer the patient back to you for their ongoing care.

Implanon insertion and removal
IUD (Mirena, Kyleena, Copper) insertion and removal
Possums/Breast feeding consults
Iron infusions
Medical termination of pregnancy (<9weeks)

Although your patients do not require a referral, you may consider sending us a referral and we will contact the patient and write back to you letting you know about the outcomes of our discussions/consultation.

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Implanon insertion and removal

We offer implanon insertion and removal procedures at The Butterfly Clinic. For most patients, we will be able to do the procedure on the day and for others we may need to organise a date after the initial consultation.

Practice fees

Usual Consultation 30min
Rebate: $80.10

Implanon Insertion Procedure
Rebate: $113.45

Implanon Removal Procedure
Rebate: $102.15

IUD insertion and removal

At The Butterfly Clinic, we offer Intrauterine Device (IUD) insertions such as Mirena, Kyleena and Copper devices. A pre-consultation is required before the procedure can be booked in.

Practice fees

Pre-Consultation 30min
Rebate: $80.10

IUD Insertion Procedure
Rebate: $155.15

Possums/ Breastfeeding Consults

At The Butterfly Clinic, we have accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Possums practitioners who provide breastfeeding consults during the antenatal care journey to best prepare them for the challenges ahead and make it a positive experience for the mother and the baby. 

The breastfeeding journey is different for every mum and bub, and our practitioners can work with them to find the best approach to continue breastfeeding. Issues such as blcoked ducts, baby not getting enough milk, latching issues, painful breatfeeding, unsettled baby after a feed and so on.

The possums consult is for one hour. We also have a dedicated breastfeeding room to facilitate the consults.

Practice fees

Possums Consultation 60min
Rebate: $118.00

Iron Infusions

We offer the iron infusion at The Butterfly Clinic. A pre-consultation is not required if the referring doctor has taken the steps provided below.

  1. Provide counselling to the patient regarding the procedure, risks and fees. Please see the "Referral guide and fact sheet" below.
  2. Provide a patient health summary including allergies, recent pathology results within the last 6 months showing ferritin <30 and a script for Ferinject (iron carboxymaltose)
  3. Confirm that an iron infusion is appropriately indicated for patient, e.g. iron deficiency with a history of:

    intolerance or lack of efficacy with oral iron
    ongoing iron (blood) losses e.g. heavy menstrual bleeding
    malabsorption condition
    chronic inflammatory condition
    other condition that warrants IV iron replacement

Alternatively, our doctors will be happy to discuss all of the above in a pre-infusion consultation should you or your
patient prefer this.

Practice fees

Pre-Consultation (if needed)
Rebate: $80.10

Iron Infusions
Rebate: $80.10

Medical Termination of Pregnancy 

At The Butterfly Clinic, we offer medical termination of pregancy which can be only prescribed to women who are 9 weeks pregnant or less. Ideally, the patients have had an ultrasound already which confirms intra-uterine pregnancy and gestational age.

Practice fees

Medical Termination of Pregnancy
Rebate: $118.00

2 Follow up appointments
Bulk billed consultations
Non-Medicare card holders: $80.10



At The Butterly Clinic, we believe in continuous improvement and love knowing what we are doing well and what we can improve on.

Please feel free to send us confidential feedback at manager@thebutterflyclinic.com.au