Breast Checks

Breast Checks

Breast health is a priority at The Butterfly Clinic, and we provide evidence-based breast checking services for early detection, identification of abnormalities, and individualised guidance. If you have concerns regarding breastfeeding, breast lumps, nipple discharge, or your family history, visit The Butterfly Clinic for tailored support.


Breast-Related Conditions

Navigating Family History

Family history can influence an individual's risk of developing breast disease. Breast checks are beneficial for women with a significant family history of breast disease, as healthcare professionals can provide screening recommendations and management strategies based on individual cases.

Women may be referred to breast specialists or genetic counselling services for appropriate management of breast-related risks.

Breast Changes and Abnormalities

Breast checks address concerns and anxieties related to the discovery of a lump in the breast. Women are encouraged to perform regular self-examinations and report any new or unusual lumps or changes in breast tissue to their healthcare provider. Healthcare professionals will perform a thorough clinical examination of the breasts to identify any abnormal findings that may require further investigation.

Breast checks also encompass the evaluation of nipple discharge or other breast changes that women may experience. Unusual nipple discharge, changes in breast size or shape, skin dimpling, or persistent breast pain are among the signs that warrant medical attention. Healthcare providers will assess these changes and determine if further investigation is necessary.

Breast Check

The Next Steps

A breast check involves a physical examination of the breasts by a healthcare professional. If the healthcare professional decides your breast concern requires further examination, additional testing will be organised, and this may include mammograms or ultrasounds. Such testing can provide more detailed observations regarding abnormalities, and inform targeted treatment approaches.


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