A new standard of care for women

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The Butterfly Clinic

The Butterfly Clinic is a place focused on providing women the care that they deserve, from meticulously designed premises to doctors who understand the needs of women. Usual appointments are half an hour to allow adequate time. The Butterfly Clinic is designed to provide a warm, welcoming and confidential environment where patients can openly discuss medical concerns with supportive, knowledgeable health practitioners.

Our Services

State of the art healthcare

Our service offerings include antenatal shared care, Possums consultations for breastfeeding and infant sleep difficulties, contraception, menstrual concerns, cervical screening, menopause treatment, breast checks, medical termination of pregnancy and mental health consultations. All services are conducted with compassion, empathy, and respect for your dignity and autonomy

Our People

Dr Alexandra Hepson

Dr Alex has special interest in family planning, pregnancy care and is also an accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care Possums practitioner.

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Dr Sarah Chu

Dr Sarah Chu has a passion for women and children’s health with a dedication to assisting women through all stages of life

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Dr Jennifer Garlick

Dr Jennifer enjoys all aspects of Women's Health with a special interest in Menopause, and Mental health.

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Dr Sarah Ryan

Sarah strives to provide holistic care to her patients, and has a particular interest in women's health, pregnancy care and preventative medicine.

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Dr Rebecca Cece

Dr Rebecca endeavours to create a warm and friendly environment for her patients, and has a particular interest in contraception, pregnancy care and menstrual health.

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